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Travel to Puri is the holiest pilgrim center of Hindus in India, which has its reputation as Jagannath Dham. The sole identity of this eastern city of Odisha is none other than the Lord Jagannath. Lords City along with Sun Temple Konark & Temple city Bhubaneswar is recognized as Golden Triangle. The Bay of Bengal with its golden sand beach never allows visitors to withdraw their eyes from it.

These three sites Travel To Puri having ancient history & heritage attract tourists in large number from each and every cornerstone of India as well as from abroad.

As we belong to the “Sevak Society (Community)” of Lord Jagannath, we consider ourselves dedicate Servant of Lord; all of us have inherited virtues of our forefather which taught us to serve the visitors/ tourists to this holy city with utmost care. This 150 years old experience has made us believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” and to recognize each visitor as our special guest. Thus, we are bound to extend all co-operations & care to our guests for their whole heartedly realization of happiness during their visit to Puri this holy city of Lord Jagannath.

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