Sight Seeing Near by Bhubaneswar

Khandagiri& Udayagiri : Famous inscriptions of Emperor Kharavela in Hatigumpha and wonderful sculptures on the walls of Ranigumpha at Udayagiri and the huge statue of Mahavir on the Khandagir hills are worth seeing. All these remind of the Golden Period of Orissa under some of the greatest rulers of history.  
  Dhauligiri : Located along the bank of river Daya, the Dhauli hill marks the site of the famous historical events. The Kalinga War, which had caused immense bloodshed but subsequently led to the transformation of Emperor Ashoka from Chandashoka, Ashoka - the terrible to Dharmashoka, Ashoka - the Dharmashoka, Ashoka - the compassionate. The earliest rock-cut Indian sculpture in the shape of a magnificent elephant hewn out from a solid rock atop the Ashokan rock-edict of Dhauli & the Peace of Pogada built by the Japanese monks are among the major attractions.
Mukteswar Temple : Build wayback in the 10th century AD, the 34 feet high temple with an elegant arch at the entrance is considered as the gem of Orissan Architecture. The outer walls are full of sculptures, some depicting interesting stories from the famous folk tales of Panchatantra.  
  Lingaraj Temple : A magnificent 11th century shrine of Lord Shiva. The temple with a height of about 54 meters stands majestically amidst a number of small temples within a huge compound.
Rajarani Temple : Build in 11th Century AD, the Rajarani Temple without any presiding deity and its exquisite carvings is considered as an unparalled example in the history of plastic art in Orissa.  
  Brahmeswar Temple : A complex of temples with graceful sculptures on its walls reflecting the skills of Oriya Sculptors, it is a miniature of Lingaraj Temple. Unlike Lingaraj Temple, it is open for all including foreigners.
Ekamra Haat : Located in the heart of the city Ekamra Haat is the perfect place where one can find the Orissan Handicrafts & Textiles. A wide range of items like terracotta, patta painting, horn toys, dhokra, stone sculpture etc. are sold directly by the artisans here.  
  Pathani Samta Planetarium : Offers regular shows about outer space to create awareness in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and space science.
BDA NiccoPark : Amusement Park for Children and Adults.  
  Regional Science Center : Science Park where games teach science.
Regional Plant Research Center : Magnificent cacti collection.  
  Nandan Kanan (The Zoo) : Its 20 Km away from the city. An open-air-zoological park with a variety of wildlife including the majestic white tigers. The park offers lion Safari, while tiger Safari, & a large numbers of different kinds of birds & Animal are available in the zoo. The rope way enable you, to entertain yourself on the air to the zoo and boating is also available. Adjacent to it is the Botanical Garden with a huge collection of medicinal, decorative and other varieties of plant.
Haripur : It's 13 Km away from the city. A hypaetheral temple of sixty four Yoginis.  
  Pipili : It's 20km Away from the city. Here you can shop for your home or office a wonderful design of Home of Applique works.
Atri : It's 42 Km away from the city. Atri is a hot spring and Bathing complex.  

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